I.1. What to expect in this course

Key points

✅ This course is for you if:

  1. You are brand new to Roam, or
  2. You love Roam but think you could be getting more out of it.

✅ This course will:

  1. Teach you the nuts & bolts of Roam's features, and
  2. Help you recognize how to use those features in your own unique workflow.

✅ You need a Roam Research account. The cost of Roam Research is separate from the course, but there is a trial period if you're not already signed up.

✅ This course is NOT technical. We use native Roam. Extensions using CSS or Javascript are allowed, but not required.

✅ Each course module first teaches a few features, then demonstrates how they complement each other in a sample workflow. Last, each module prompts you to discover uses for the features in your own workflow, which serves as your course Capstone Project.

Once you learn to think like Roam, Roam will learn to think like you.

✅ The allows you to get feedback from me and from fellow Roaman Roadsters on the progress of your Capstone Project.

✅ The course launches with 6 modules, but a few more modules—with their sample workflows—will be added in the weeks following launch.

To do

📝 If you haven't already, go to roamresearch.com and sign up for an account.

📝 Go to community.rjnestor.com (use the link provided!) and join the Your Road to Roam community.